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The Cocaine Anonymous LA LIGNE magazine publishes the experiences and opinions from CA members, some information about the regular meetings and committee meetings, and finally, extracts from our CA literature. The opinions presented in La Ligne, belong to individual members and do not represent CA as a whole nor should these be attributed to CA or LA LIGNE.

The purpose of LA LIGNE journal of the Quebec Area committee of Cocaine Anonymous according to our guidelines:   To maintain Unity throughout the Area by developing a sense of belonging and pride concerning our fellowship.

This document should include the following elements:
• News pertaining to our fellowship
    (special events and others news);
• Extracts from CA approved literature
• Shares from CA members.
EDITORIAL - Winter 2020:
Winter has arrived and sometimes I am chilly. But, during this season, nothing is warmer than a CA meeting. We are here for you and we hope that one of our messages will warm your lonely heart. All our messages are here for you. Welcome. We are waiting for you.

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